1.The hired article will be delivered clean and in good conditions, it must be returned in which it was delivered.

2.At delivery, total payment must be made cash. 3.If you return the article before accorded day, there will be no refund.

4.There must be paid a deposit of 20, - €. 5.Possible damages, like cleanness, broken spared parts.... will be taken from the deposit.

6.The article will be returned on accorded day and time. Once checked the condition and cleanness of it, the deposit will be returned.

7.In case of damage, you will have to contact us and we will replace the article as soon as possible. The client will be responsible for the costs of the repair in case the damage has been produced of a bad usage.

8.If you change the reservation, you have to tell us by e-mail and we will send you a new confirmation. These changes will be only allowed 2 weeks before the date of delivering. On the contrary you will have to contact us by telephone (0034) 687190309.

9.If the campsite does not confirm you certain pitch number, you will have to inform us by telephone as soon as you know.


Rent it. Rental of refrigerators and accessories for the camper.